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Syntel EPABX(Intercom Telephone System)

Syntel is the Telecom division of Arvind Limited ( a flagship Company of the Ahmedabad based Lalbhai Group one of the most respected industrial houses in India with revenues over Rs.20 billion. The group is the 3rd largest denim fabric manufacturer in the world and is licensed to manufacture and market a host of internationally renowned names in the garment industry such as Arrow, Lee, Wrangler, etc.

Arvind’s telecom operations commenced from the year 1989 as a CDOT licensee for digital public and private switching equipment. In the nascent years the company made a major mark in establishing itself as one of the largest manufacturers of the 256 port Rural Automatic Exchanges. An active practitioner of quality systems, Syntel won its ISO 9001 certification in the year 1996 and was subsequently given the coveted Department of Telecommunication’s self-certification status for all its supplies of public switching equipment. In the year 1997, Syntel launched Shared Mobile Radio Services - under the brand name Omni talk - in 10 metro and mini metro cities of India. Currently, this operation has been separated in a new company called Arya Omnitalk - the largest Walky Talky Solutions (PMRTS) provider in India today.

Syntel presently holds a dominant position in the Business Communication Solutions landscape, offering a range of IP, ISDN, Digital and Analog EPABX based solutions. The company is currently selling over 2,50,000 lines per annum to SME’s, Corporates and Major Accounts. With an installed base of nearly 1.5 million lines, Syntel expects to leverage its distribution infrastructure to carve out a leadership position in the small and medium enterprise segment, besides consolidating its position in the corporate segment.

Syntel PLUS

Small Scale Business Systems
Maximum Trunks:3
Maximum Extensions:9
Small entrepreneurs and establishments requires a communication system that offers all the basic functionalists of an Intercom, coupled with some high-end features of an EPABX at a price that fits within their tight budgets. Recognizing this specific need, Syntel designed a new end mini EPABX – the Syntel Plus – that provides all the required & essential features inbuilt in the system, at a price far less than any other equally competent model in the market. Thus not only does the Plus ensure a true ‘value for money’ proposition but also acts as a key productivity enhancement tool in one’s day-to-day telecommunication process by offering all the features one could possibly need in skin with the basic model!

System Features:
  • Auto Call Back on Extension and CO
  • Abbreviated Dialing (System and Personal)
  • Alarms
  • Boss-Secretary Extension
  • Brokers Call (On Junction)
  • Barge-in (With and without tone)
  • Barge-in Protection
  • Class of Service
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forward on Busy and No Reply
  • Call Forward Protect
  • Call Split
  • Call Follow Me
  • Call Park
  • Call Pickup (Direct and group)
  • Conference 3-Party
  • Caller line Identification
  • CO Access (STD and Local)
  • CO Direction Programming
  • CO Type and Grouping
  • Day/Night Mode (Automatic/Manual)
  • Directing Inward Dialing
  • Direct Outward Station Access
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Do Not Disturb Override
  • Dynamic STD Locking
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Extension-wise Hook
  • Flash Timing
  • Forward DID Extension
  • Global Numbers
  • Hotline Patterns
  • Last Number Redial
  • Password Protection (Extension, DOSA and Programming)
  • Selective CO Seizure
  • Walk-in Class of Service
206 and 308 Fixed Models.

Syntel NEOS
Large Scale Business Systems
Maximum Extensions:256
Maximum Analog Trunks:128
And also with Digital Trunk Line(PRI Facility)

The NEOS is a new age ISDN PRI Digital EPABX that makes technology work for you in more ways than you can imagine. The core strength of the product lies in even a layman getting enabled by the system to exploit all the benefits that are unique to NEOS alone! This is enhanced further with a true digital experience inbuilt into the basic system at no extra cost, something no other PBX in the market can truly claim to deliver today. While the end user considerations are just a small part of the entire scheme of benefits that the NEOS has to offer; the user organization also stands to gain not only in terms of productivity leaps but also monetary profits!

Key Features:

Incoming Calls Features
* 8 port Auto Attendant (With 8 different user recordable message options)
* Attendant/Operator Console
* Auto Fax Detection
* CLI (Caller Line Identification)
* CLI based Routing
* Day Night Mode (Manual/Automatic)
* MSN based Routing
* Mobile Parallel ring / Mobile Extension
* Single User Caller Identifier Software

No need to memorize codes
* Internal Voice Guidance Prompts
* Bi-lingual Prompts (English and Hindi)

For the Budget Conscious
* Call Billing
* Call Timeout Facility
* Extension Budgeting
* Least Cost Routing
* Trunk Budgeting
* Least Cost Routing with Centrex

The misuse prevention brigade
* Class of Service
* Manual and Dynamic Extension Locking
* Restricted and Denied Dialing

The Usual Basics
* Abbreviated Dialing (Departmental / Global / Free Pool)
* Auto Call Back
Call Hold
* Call Park
* Call Pickup (General and Selective)
* Call Forward
* Call Follow-me
* Call Transfer
* External Call Forward
* Last Number Redial
* Serial Call Transfer
* Walk-in Class of Service
* Barge-in
* Barge-in Protection
* Boss-Secretary Extension
* Do Not Disturb (DND)
* DND Protection
* CLI Restriction
* Hotline (Immediate and Delayed)
* Junction Grouping
* Listening In
* Private Junction
* Room Monitoring
* Executive Ring
* Alarms (Self/Other)
* Date and Time Setting
* Call Buffer (10,000 Calls)
* Call Camp-on
* Closed User Groups
* Departmental Call Hunting
* Distinctive Ringing (Expect KTS)
* Flexible Numbering
* Music on Hold (Default and User Programmable)

For the true Digital Connectivity experience!
* Computer Telephony Integration
* Fully Configurable Key Phone System

If you are a hotel, there's more ...
* Check-in/ Check-out
* Floorwise Room Service
* Room to Room Call Barring
* Single Digit Number Access Setting
* HMS Integration

For your and our back end staff
* Flexibility of Programming via SLT, KTS and PC (Via Hyper Terminal)
* Remote Programming
* Programming Backup (2 levels)

For the record : Technical Specifications
* Technology - Digital TDM/ PCM Non Blocking
* Control - Stored Program Control
* Architecture - Distributed Processing
* Operating Voltage - 110 to 275 VAC, 50 Hz
* Power Backup - Battery Charging Circuit
* Temperature - 0 to 50 °C
* PC Connectivity
* Cabinet Ports Dimension in mm Weight (L x W X H) kgs
3S 80 297 x 210 x 195 4.3
6S 128 342 x 318 x 190 4.8
8S 160 425 x 320 x 200 12.0
16S 256 795 x 290 x 390 21.0

Key Telephone System: The Intelligent NEOphone
* Backlit LCD (2 and 4 line)
* Clock Display
* Call Queuing (If Operator)
* Calling Number/Name Display
* Direct Station Selector (12 and 24 keys)
* Operator Lock
* Day Night Mode Change (If Operator)
* Menu Driven Options
* Call Waiting Indication
* Missed, Received and Dialed Call Details
* Navigation Keys
* Online Advice of Charge
* Phone Book (only with 4 lines KTS)
* Status Indication (3 Color LEDs)
* Speakerphone (Full Duplex)
* Single Key Feature Access
* Volume Control
* Function Keys

Syntel Intouch


Maximum Extensions:512
The In-touch range of Intercoms are all about being connected, feeling secure, enabling convenience and enhancing the way of life at home. It is not just the basic Intercom System that allows users to simply chat with neighbors. It is more of a communication solution designed to cater to all the unique requirements of a residential society, while at the same time enriching the total living experience of the homeowners by addressing all their communication and security needs individually.

System Features:
Inter Flat Communication
Flexible Numbering as per Flat Numbers (up to 5 digits)
Called Number Identification
Tone Pulse Dialing
Independent Wake up Alarm
Barge-in with or without beep (For Programmed Extensions)
All Party Conference
Do Not Disturb (Programmable)
Call Forward Indication
Hotline between Flat and Security

Expandability up to 512 Ports with multistage interconnecting unit


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